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Great site. I'll check it out! Thanks for sharing!
Sincerely, Jamie D.
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Most of us know about project gutenberg, and many of us got one of those CDS
filled with public domain etext either with the road runner, the book
courier or from National Braille press. I don't know if the Book Port comes
with a cd of public domain etext because I don't have one. Also you can get
your fill of public domain books in digital Braille from either bookshare or
International Electronic Braille Book Library so if you enjoy classic
literature it is easy to get digitally and accessibly.

Anyway, though I enjoy public domain books, one thing stops me from reading
some of them either in Braille or with speech, and that thing is dialect.
Some books are so darned thick with dialect that they are really difficult
to read with speech. And even though I read Braille rapidly, I don't find
dialect a pleasure to plow through.

Well I was surfing around for podcasts on gardening, made a typo and
instead, I found:

whose podcast feed is:

and it's public domain books read aloud and distributed as podcasts. Or, you
can of course download a whole audio book.

The readings are also in the public domain so if you are american and have
international friends who can't access some of our audio book services, tell
them about this. The volunteer readers are marvelous, and unlike me, they
appear to have no difficulties reading and rendering dialect. You are free
to copy and share these audiobooks all you want.

I will definitely be sharing this resource with everyone. Many books that
seemed so borring to read by myself are wonderful when you hear them read

This is also a great ebay business opportunity; someone should start putting
those librivox books on CD and selling them on ebay.


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