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Welcome, John!
Any podcasts you would care to do would be great! I think it's cool that you play all those instruments. I have always enjoyed flute music, and world music.
Sincerely, Jamie D.
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I think the list software ate my first one since I used a word it
thought was a command.  So we'll try this again and hope for the best.

Hi.  I just found BCT a few days ago, and since I had a question or two
I'm sure some of you can answer, I figured I'd join the list.  Plus I
figure I can probably contribute some podcasts.

So let's see.  My name's John.  I'm originally from Pennsylvania, but
now live in Madison Wisconsin.  Graduated from the University of
Wisconsin with a BA in religious studies and a minor in folklore.  Have
a wonderful fiance, I actually moved here to be with her about ten years

I too play music.  Mostly strange instruments from around the world.
Khomus (Jew's harp or trump in English, khomus is a Turkic name, used by
Tuvans, Yakuts, and Altai), various flutes (suling, Native American
flute, shakuhachi, tin whistle, various transverse flutes from different
cultures, etc.), some hand drums (udu, madal, ashiko, etc.), mountain
dulcimer, a bit of guitar, a bit of ukulele, mbira, and I've finally
decided to start learning keyboard after all these years, though since
I'm just starting I haven't done much with it so far.  I'm also trying,
semi-successfully, to learn khoomei or Tuvan throat singing.

Other than that, I'm obviusly interested in religions, mythologies,
other cultures, that kind of thing, which basically means I know more
about them than any sane person needs to.  Of course I like computers.
I've only attempted one podcast, but I do a live radio show on Sundays
from 1-6 pm eastern.  I play a lot of music from around the world, plus
anything else I feel like throwing in, but the focus is on world music.
In case anybody wants to check it out, the URl for the live show is:


There are some other good shows on there too.  I don't know if everybody
involved is blind, but a lot of us are.  I've only started doing the
show, it's called Global Sound Trek BTW, fairly recently, but it seems
to be working out OK.  Those are probably the major highlights.  As I
said I'd like to submit a podcast, when I have it done.  I'd like to
review a game I enjoy playing that I haven't seen reviewed yet.  Plus if
there's interest I can always break out the instruments and do podcasts
about those.  Anyway, looking forward to participating on the list,
unless I get overwhelmed, and hopefully submitting some fun and useful

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