[bct] Re: Learn Braille?

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  • Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 19:07:23 -0800

i just googled Braille labeler, and came up with lots of stuff though i didn't look at it specifically. i did this because i just couldn't believe they would discontinue such a staple for blind people. Those plastic ones aren't as bad as they sound. I have a friend who has one and has had it for several years with no trouble. of course, i would love the metal ones also, but the plastic does nicely. If nothing else though, one can make labels using the slate and stylus, and are not limited in the way of contractions as you are with the labeler.


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Maxi Aids has a similar item on its web site, but perhaps they discontinued
selling it.

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Beth, do you know anyone who is currently selling the Dymo Braille
labeler? Every place I ask say they are no longer available. Independent
Living Aids says t hey are contracting to get some plastic ones produced,
but they will not be metal and probably will have a short life expectancy.


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