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Beth & Shane,

My wife Carolyn is a career teacher who has been keeping her love of teaching alive by home schooling for hire for about ten years now, since her post-polio made it more difficult to work in a traditional classroom. When I read the post with Shane's ping-pong balls in a muffin tin, I new she would enjoy that creativity. She also liked the quick lesson from Beth, demonstrating that some things can be a lot simpler if taken a little at a time with the right approach and attitude.

Mike Justice,
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Hey Beth. Well, here is another way of teaching Braille. Have you ever seen the Lego block that has six points on it? Well, they are positioned in a Braille cell, three dots on the left, and three dots on the right. You can also do this with ping-pong balls and a muffin pan. Now, just teach the person the alphabet, and in about an hour, they'll be writing you basic grade one Braille notes, just like three of my friends do! Ha! Man, I'm a real expert, right? Again, thanks for reading!

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