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My upstairs neighbor Josh is a huge wrestling fan. He is Jewish, but another 
neighbor and I got him a wrestling video as a gift. He is enjoying it very much 
indeed. My brother was on our high-school's wrestling team for a short while.
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  Hy all,
  Larry I loved your Laundry podcast, it was one of those which I would call 
easy on the ear.  Marly is a star in the making make sure your keep her feet 
furmly planted on the ground otherwise who knows.  She reminds me alot of my 
own Nece who has upstaged me on many of an acasion, but having said that I am 
not to hard to upstage.  On a previous podcast you talked about your plans for 
this year and you braught up Martial arts, I hope if you do take it up that you 
will do a podcast on this because as a person who is into pro wrestling it 
would be very interesting to hear.  I my-self am hoping to learn pro wrestling 
at some point but wrestling schools are hard to come by hear in England and the 
nearest one is quite a distance, but I live in hope.

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