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Yes I like just listening to the environment around Larry as he walks home 
too.  It's always interesting to hear  his walks home.  Keep em coming 


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Personally, I love the relaxed and casual feeling of Lary's walks. Even if
the information is a little slower in coming, it adds a personal touch to
it, so it's not like we're listening to a tutorial. Not that I don't like
tutorials, it's just that I do enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Besides, we all
should slow down once in a while. LOL!
I also find that listening to the environment as he walks along, and his
easy way of keeping up a conversation, which he does very well at I might
add, just makes the podcast more enjoyable.
So here's to you, Lary and Jake, and your walks!
Sincerely, Jamie
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Subject: [bct] Larry's walk home

> Larry said that a few listeners have complained that his walks are kind of
> long and rambling.
> I personally find them really fun to listen to when I walk with my dog or
> work out on a treadmill. I find if I'm just sitting I can feel impatient
> that the information delivery is slow, but that's my problem. We all get
> used to listening to fast speech because, in the real world, we gotta get
> things done.
> Larry helps me pick up the pace when I'm walking. I find with the
> treadmill
> especially I can tune in to his environment because I don't have to listen
> for traffic or pay attention to where I am. I tried listening to workout
> music but it isn't very relaxing. Exercise should calm you as well as
> invigorate.
> Larry's walks are kind of like yoga for your mind. My only complaint is
> that
> I wish he'd take us out on country roads more!
> --Debee

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