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Hi Mary. I have a Sony headset that I use with my computer and it is as if I am literally walking alongside Larry and Jake. Whenever I hear the traffic I just want to get up and follow it. Not sure of the model number of my headset but I will ask someone. The headphones have those soft pads, and they are quite comfortable. On the cord there is a thumb wheel which controls the volume, and a switch which goes between mono and stereo.
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Larry and list,

Another thing about the walks home: the other morning Larry mentioned a bus shelter; I turned my headphones around and re-wound back to the point where Larry left the bagel shop, and thus was able to hear the right channel; I could clearly tell when Larry passed the bus shelter, which was quite amazing. For those who don't know, I am totally deaf on the right side. Most of the time I run the podcasts through the stereo and turn on the monaural switch.

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