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I must add my two cents in. I love these walks. The last one was great with the birds. It reminded me that spring and summer are coming soon.


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Hi Larry.

Your walks are da bomb! People need to relax and take a chill pill and
unwind as they listen.

After all, they are what made me decide to get the in ear binaurals!

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Hi all, I agree with you all. Larrys walks are entertaining and fun to listen to. I'm especially glad to hear them since that lets me know i'm not the

only one who does these kinds of things. Larry, your walks sound very
much like the audio letters me and my friends write to eachother,
they're like podcasts only person to person.
Keep it up and keep those walks comin'!

Margo and elmo wrote:
I love to hear Larry's walks home.  I feel as if I'm walking with him.
It's fun to hear his musings, topic discussions, forays into stores
bagel shops and even to the dentist although that one made me flinch a

few times.  It's nice to hear Jake's collar jingling and his paws
pounding or prancing on the pavement.

Larry, keep walkin' and talkin', okay?

Margo and Elmo

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    Larry said that a few listeners have complained that his walks are
    kind of
    long and rambling.

    I personally find them really fun to listen to when I walk with my
    dog or
    work out on a treadmill. I find if I'm just sitting I can feel
that the information delivery is slow, but that's my problem. We
all get
    used to listening to fast speech because, in the real world, we
    gotta get
    things done.

    Larry helps me pick up the pace when I'm walking. I find with the
    especially I can tune in to his environment because I don't have
    for traffic or pay attention to where I am. I tried listening to
music but it isn't very relaxing. Exercise should calm you as well

Larry's walks are kind of like yoga for your mind. My only
    is that
    I wish he'd take us out on country roads more!


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