[bct] Re: Larry's walk home

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  • Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 18:34:32 -0500

same here! Lary, i love the podcasts where you do the m on your walk to or from work. grate way of manageing time and grate podcasts! keep the walks comming!
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Larry said that a few listeners have complained that his walks are kind of
long and rambling.

I personally find them really fun to listen to when I walk with my dog or
work out on a treadmill. I find if I'm just sitting I can feel impatient
that the information delivery is slow, but that's my problem. We all get
used to listening to fast speech because, in the real world, we gotta get
things done.

Larry helps me pick up the pace when I'm walking. I find with the treadmill
especially I can tune in to his environment because I don't have to listen
for traffic or pay attention to where I am. I tried listening to workout
music but it isn't very relaxing. Exercise should calm you as well as

Larry's walks are kind of like yoga for your mind. My only complaint is that
I wish he'd take us out on country roads more!


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