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Come to find out, all new wood burning appliances are supposed to be certified 
by the EPA to have very low emmissions.  One side effect of the cleaner burning 
process is better efficiency in converting the wood to heat.  This is a great 
heat, and there is really something elemental about it, but man is it a lot of 
work and mess.  The thermostat is so much easier!

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  Am I missing something?  Haven't people been burning wood since the discovery 
of fire?  With factories belching all manner of noxious gases into the air, how 
could wood be polluting the air *that* badly?

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    Hi all,

    Yes, power bills are high this time of year, especially this year. Mine was 
about $140 this month which was twice what it was in November. There is a lot 
of discussion about outlawing people burning wood in their fire places because 
it pollutes the air. We have spare the air days, even in winter, and the 
pollution gets bad enough that the power company is trying to get people to 
quit burning wood. I don't know if there is a way to filter the pollutants out 
of the smoke or not, but it's a real big concern these days. 


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