[bct] Larry's latest walk home podcast

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  • Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 09:32:06 -0800

Good morning list,

Great podcast, Larry, as always, and there's a lot to think about there.

First, that is a great firmware and software update for the book port. My 
favorite feature is the power move for MP3 files. I don't know if it was there 
in the previous version, but it sure is there now and it's a dream to move 
through big podcasts with it. Thanks a bunch for it!

My only comment on the dark side and the BCT FTP site attack is that I really 
hope the perpetrator will do a podcast on motives and what the person thought 
could be gained from doing something so terrible. Also I am very concerned 
about all the illegal files this individual got hold of. Makes me nervous that 
somebody could have a way to get such software illegally and spread it around 
and think of it in such a casual way that the stuff would be placed on an 
easily accessible FTP site. I would hope that action could be taken to not only 
prevent future attacks, but also to track down how this software is being 
spread, not to mention obtained in the first place. Somebody could land behind 
bars for doing this sort of thing,

Just my thoughts, which aren't worth much at this point except to say that 
despite this, BCT is on a roll and nothing will stop it, as Larry said!

Mary Emerson
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