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  • Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 16:03:13 +0100

Hi All

Just something I had to share.  Larry talking about shovelling up chicken poop 
really rang bells for my husband.  He used to work on an intensive chicken farm 
with absolutely colossal numbers of birds in cages.  He was meant to be the 
manager of the farm, but given that as I recall, there was only one other 
employee, he had to do his share of cleaning up after the chickens.  He was 
also responsible for checking for dead birds etc. etc.  He still doesn't eat 
chicken, and wholeheartedly agrees with Larry on the awfulness of dealing with 
chicken poop.

Larry, I really enjoyed your interaction with Marlie (sorry if I have 
mis-spelled that).  My daughter is about 18 months older than Marlie, so I 
could really identify with the changing clothes and hurt finger scenario.

Thanks again to all who contribute to blind cool tech.  I have to agree that 
for me, it is "the best of the best".

Best wishes

Donna Slater

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