[bct] Larry, what do you think?

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Ultimately, this is Larry's decision as the moderator, but here's what I think. I think it would be a good idea to have a couple of knowledgable people in charge of it, possibly have it divided up in to sections as Larry suggested. possibly then, people could submit things to these people. It seems to me that Dan and Neil seem to have the widest knowledge base of information concerning both audio subjects and web page management. both have also volunteered to help with this. So maybe they and Larry could split it up? There seem to be some objections to wicky, so what about using the scripts Larry suggested so that every time one of the editors submitted an update to the page it would automatically appear on the site? This seems to be the easiest, most organized solution.

Just my thoughts.
Jenny Axler
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I like the fact that it would be easy for people to add things, but here
is a problem that might arise.  Let's say I put something in the wiki
that is not correct.  What then.  Do we need to have things approved
before they are added?  If so, then this will be as much trouble for
Larry as what we have now.  But, I do think that we have to be careful
that what gets added is correct information, and I think it has to be
added in logical places.  This may mean a bit of management of the
overall product.  I don't like to go there, because it would be some
work for the person or persons who do it, but the end result of a not
very well organized wiki to which anyone can add whenever and wherever
they think likely, could result in confusion.  What do people think?


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Hey, that's a great idea. What do the rest of you think? Is this something you can set up, Tim? Can we make it customizable so it is easy to navigate?

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If this is the sort of direction people would like to go and if Larry agrees, what about a wiki? This would allow anyone who wants to make a

contribution do so easily and it doesn't require as much HTML

Alternatively, what about considering something like faq-o-matic,
which would also allow easier addition of new content and doesn't
require HTML knowledge?

just my 2 cents....


The Scarlet Wombat writes:
> I agree, a good FAQ would be a good idea.  I would be happy to write
> parts
> of it.  I am good at html as are a few others here and I am sure we
> could
> muster the necessary expertise to form the page so Larry would only
> to
> put it on his site and create a link to it from the index page.
> There could be sections on:
> 1. recorders, low end to high end
> 2. microphones, bargain priced to the high end stuff Neal loves
> [grin] 3. mixers or mixing boards 4. software packages like Studio
> Recorder and Sound Forge 5. Recording techniques, how to get the
> most out of your gear
> These are just a few ideas, but such an archive would be a good ida
> and
> I
> wil l be happy to help.
> Dan

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