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There's actually one of those a couple blocks from my building. Actually first it was Baskin Robins, then it was the Evanston Creamery. But when I was out with two neighbors last night, we passed it and there was a big sign which said something to the effect of, "Shut down for violations." We asked someone about it, and he said the ice cream place had been shut down permanently for numerous health-code violations. Now if this place weren't going to be converted into a pizza place, I think it'd be perfect for 31 flavors of Computers, complete with screen readers.
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Hmm. This post got me to thinking... How about a Baskin Robbins of computing? You know, a place you can go to where you can access a PC, a Mac, an Amiga, Unix, Linux, Gnome, KDE, BSD... Have I left any out? Oh yeah, a TRS80 just for grins. It could be fun, with screenreaders for all, of course. Can we get to 31 flavors if we try?

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