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Frank, I awate your podcast.  Thanks for all the pointers.


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As far as samples it probably wouldn't, but at least for multy track
and MIDI it might help a little.
I prefer to use a stand alone multy track recorder for audio, but for
sequencing and editing, I really enjoy having the accessible feed back.

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> Frank, I have briefly looked at Cake Walk, but the kind of computer 
> synthesizers I would need are very specific ones that are listed for 
> use with the kinds of samples I would be importing.  Thanks for 
> reminding me of this again.  I'll check to see if it will work, 
> because it would be the obvious choice in terms of accessibility.  I'm

> guessing it will not be what I need, but I wouldn't mind being wrong 
> here.
> Neal
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> Have you tried Cake Walk's Sonar program, with the Cake Talking Jaws 
> scripts? Maybe if someone is interested I will get it together and do 
> a little demo
> on it.
> I'm not an expert on it though!
> Or maybe someone else that has more experience on it will.
> It would also be nice to here a podcast of Neal's studio, description,
> equipment, and maybe some tips and tricks for us blindies that would
> make
> life easier in a studio environment.
> It might not be something of general interest though, but it's just a
> suggestion!
> Frank
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>> Hello Beth, yes, the keyboard is still made, the new version is the 
>> Kurzweil 2600 model.  There are a number of models in that series.  I

>> will be doing another podcast shortly on how I deal with the various 
>> menus and other aspects in order to create my music.  I will tell you

>> that it is not easy.  The big problem is that the Kurzweil has 
>> limited
>> memory, 128 MB.  That's a very sad state.  It works reasonably well 
>> if
>> you are simply using the sounds that come with the keyboard, but a 
>> lot
>> of the sounds I used were ones I either made myself or purchased to 
>> add to the mix.  For example, the 300 voice London Philharmonic 
>> chorus, the violin, the obo, and the flutes were all added.  These 
>> sound, or samples as they are called, take up a lot more of the 
>> Kurzweil's memory than do the samples that are already on board.  So,

>> I quickly run out of memory when doing multi tracking.  So, what I 
>> have to do is to record all the tracks I can on the Kurzweil, record 
>> them to my computer, and while listening to my computer, I record 
>> more
>> sounds on the Kurzweil.  I then use Sound Forge to overlay the two 
>> performances in exactly the right place.  It's easy enough if you are

>> just recording on the tracks of the Kurzweil, because you can stop 
>> when you make a mistake and punch in at just the right place and 
>> correct the mistake.  This gets much harder to do when you are 
>> playing
>> both from the computer and the Kurzweil while recording an additional

>> track.  Sound complicated?  It is.  I'm thinking of looking into 
>> software synthesizers which allow one to connect the keyboard to the 
>> computer and load the samples on the computer itself where I have 2 
>> GB
>> of memory.  I don't know if there are any accessible software 
>> synthesizers out there that will play the kind of samples I am 
>> talking
>> about or not, but I'm about to find out.
>> Well, that's probably more than you asked for, but that's the story. 
>> I'll be demonstrating this in the next podcast.  And, the sounds on 
>> the unit itself are not bad.  I'll try to give people a variety of 
>> sounds that are on board as well as those I have either recorded or 
>> purchased.
>> Thanks for the kind words.
>> Neal
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>> I second the comments on Neal's Christmas music cast--awesome!  Neal,

>> is that keyboard still made and where would I get one?  I don't have 
>> the time now to enjoy one but would love to at some point.  Beth

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