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You could never have to many keyboards or gear!
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Hi guys, this keyboard thing is real interesting, I'll tell you a bit about my keyboards, wel all of them actualy! some of these old babies I got off what we call car boot sales in england, flee markets you call them I think? anyway, the first ever keyboard I got was a real real old casio CT-101, still got the awful old thing, it dates back to 1984 I'd say, it's right knackered. one of the keys got busted off but I still have it cuz I some times plug it through the tyros and jam it through some really strange effects processing stuff, the next one I got new was a technics KN750, this beauty is really nice, it has some amazing sounds but due to an accident with the power supply getting melted by my fan heater I have to run this on half a tonne of batteries to get it running, it needs 6 very large round batteries, not the double A type or the fatter ones above that, but the really fat ones next size up, and they don't last much above about 20 minutes? this could be the fac they are naff old hitachi batteries, but I don't know. now we move on to the second hand keyboards, the first of which is a yamaha PSS290, again, very old, and simple sounds, but like the casio I tend to jam this through my tyros effects processor. I also have another casio that dates back to about the same time of the yamaha, I can't think of it's model, think it's an SA-20 but I'll just go and check. yes it is. again, it's pretty much a toy, but cool for fooling about with sometimes. lastly, and we're talking seriously old technology, but some people may love this, I have what I considder to be a vintage analogue synth from 1978, it's made by korg, and it's the delta, some famous pop groups such as the human legue used these and I have to say, although it's limited in what it can do sonicly when plugged to the tyros, which I mentioned earlier is a super bit of keyboard, the sounds from the delta transform in to something really ace! last but not least, and this thing isn't a keyboard, its more like a synth module but using 1980s technology from commodore business machines, but was made in sweeden in about 2000 by a company called elektron, I present you with the elektron sidstation! this thing although not completely accessible to me, really comes up with some amazing commodore c64 type sounds and it is relatively easy to use for basic editing, and like the other synth keyboards or whatever you want to call them, it can be plugged through the tyros and made to sound really nice, because it uses midi, it can be controled by the tyros and it's fun to use!

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