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That's another good one!
I am getting green with envy.
Just kidding!
Have you tried the Tyros 2?
They say it's really good also.
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Hi mary, I have this yamaha tyros arranger workstation keyboard, it cost me about £2400 or so, and another £60 for the hard disk I had fitted to this device, it does not have sampling capabilities like neils kurzweil does, but it does have a lot of voices preprogrammed over 1000 of them, plus any others you create using the editing features it has onboard. for the £2400 I payed, I got the keyboard itself, a piano stool, the speaker system which consists of 2 satilight speakers that clip to the keyboard and the bass sub woofer that you can place anywhere where needed, I got the keyboard stand, it came with cables required, manual, etc, I think I'll have to do a little review of the sounds it has to offer, I'm not the worlds best player, but I love this keyboard, and the fact that it gives you room to grow musically too. if you are a singer, and you wan to do fancy harmony stuff, the tyros is right there with it's vocal harmoniser facility, it really does sound good! my review won't cover all of what it has, but I'm sure you'd get an appreciation of what it can offer sonically.

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