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Mary, you can read all about the Kurzweil at


List Price:   $5,190.00.

The price has actually come down in that they have loaded some of the
things on the new 2600 models that I had to purchase separately.  You
will probably still have to purchase a hard drive and have it installed
and perhaps a CD player to connect to the keyboard if you want to load
other people's samples.

Also, this is the model that allows one to record samples.  You may not
need this model and other models will be less expensive.  Full Compass
sells things at a rather large discount, so I don't know what their
actual quoted price would be.  I hope this helps.

So, you could buy one and we could play duets.


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The big question is: how much does it cost? Maybe a ball park figure on
upcoming podcast would help.


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