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  • Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 16:03:55 -0600

Buddy I would probably be better off if I got hold of some stale Tastykake, 
but, never have.  Smile!  My in-laws used to bring us some when they visited 
but their health keeps them from traveling nowadays.  I have bought some 
online, but, at the Tastykake website you have to buy collections they 
select and cannot select items you would prefer individually.  Give it a try 
though if you ever get the chance.  The peanut butter and chocolate 
Kandykakes are delicious.

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Funny thing, Joni. I've heard of Tasty Cake things, but I've never
seen them. Maybe it's an Eastern PA thing, but I just haven't seen
them. Not that I've looked very hard. One friend of mine says that
they always taste stale to her, at least where she buys them in south-
central PA, but everyone else says they're fantastic. I wanna try!
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