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  • Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 19:27:55 -0600

I love those oatmeal cream pies! I have a half-eaten box of them in my room here at the apartment. I bought some cookies awhile back which were called something like Strawberry Cheesecake cookies. They were absolutely sinful!
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buddy I love Little Debbie snacks too, especially the Swiss cake rolls.
Just had to change the subject line because we can't have such an
unappetizing thing as telemarketing as the subject when we are talking about
our favorite junk foods! Smile!

I also love Tastykake products. When we visit Pennsylvania we always
smuggle a couple of boxes home. They have wonderful things like Kandycakes,
cream-filled coffee cake, and jelly krimpets.

I can buy Little Debbie around here though so that is what I eat when I have
the urge for junk food. I also love those cream-filled oatmeal cookies from
Little Debbie. I know they are not good for us but into each life some
empty calories must fall!

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Oh, you bet snowballs are still out there.

Personally, I like the Hostess stuff OK, but I like the Little
Debbies, too. How 'bout those Hostess pudding pies? I also liked (he
says, waiting for the juvenile humor that always follows) Hostess
Ding Dongs. Sign me up for the Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls or Snak
Cakes. Or those chocolate chip cookie thingies. Or the brownies with
walnuts, oh yeah! Course, I shouldn't have so much of that stuff

Oh, hey, anyone else like those Rocky Road candy bars? I haven't had
one of *those* in ages!

Or how about some of the stuff you just can't get here but have to
get in Canada or England or somewhere? Like Smarties (no, not those
icky sugary fruit thingies, the ones that are almost but not quite
entirely unlike M&M's)? Or Aero bars? Or. ... Jelly babies!
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