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Hi Jim and everyone,


I don't think this was covered at all; the manual that came with this
recorder. Is this manual in pdf format? Did you have to rely on someone else
to describe where the various buttons are and its functionality?


I love this podcast. I don't think he mentioned the price of the unit. I
wish I have the funds to get this recorder. I don't want a digital recorder
that is going to have layers and layers of menus to go through because I
feel it's too hard to memorize. I am alone a lot and are not always around a
sighted person all the time.


By the way, check out my web sites listed below: there will be a slight
difference between the two.




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Wow! I may not have to do much of a podcast on this.  He covered a lot of
the bases.  There will be a few things I will look at, however in a very
short podcast, and, at some point, I may do one on walking through the
menus.  There are a couple questions I need answered.


One is does it have a pause control when recording.  he didn't mention that.
Secondly, how does it work with something like the Audio Technica at822 or
the in ear mikes and other mikes from sound devices?  Also, I did hear some
wind noise when he was outside and I don't think the wind was blowing very
hard.  So how does one wind protect the mikes if one is outside?


But, all in all, it sounds very very nice.





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