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Okay, rest easy.  You don't have to make all that work for yourself.  Just 
set JAWS in such a way that it does not start up when your computer starts. 
this causes JAWS to run as an application; whereas before, when JAWS started 
up by itself, JAWS was running as a service.  Next, press insert+control+s 
and this will bring you in to the speech synthesizer list.  From this point, 
select SAPI5.  Next, just go in to the JAWS voices sub menu.  From there, go 
to the person combobox.  there you will see all SAPI5 voices including Paul 
and Kate.  Note, however, that it may take a second for the voices to load.

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Hi list,

How do I get Jaws to see Neospeak voices? Should I just use the repair
option and re-install Jaws? The software installed into a Neospeak folder
within Program Files, and each voice has its own folder.

Thanks -
Mary Emerson
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