[bct] Re: Jaws, Braille displays, and docking stations.

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  • Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 20:06:38 -0800

Mary, I do have one of those cables, I hadn't tried that yet.  I got my 
Millennium used a few months ago, mainly for the purpose of a cheap braille 
display.  I actually use a Braille note PK for a note taker.  However, I love 
the fac that you can switch easily between display and note taking mode, just 
incase you're sitting there and want to jot something down.  Also missed the 
longer display for reading books, and because the millennium has a compact 
flash slot, i can switch stuff easily between it, the Braille Note, and the 
computer.  All in all, not a bad little machine.

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  Maybe you could get a cable that converts one of your USB ports into a serial 
port. Then hook the Lite up to it. I sure hope the Millenniums are still being 
sold. I love mine and would hate to have to use the Pac Mate when they can't 
fix the Lites any more.


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