[bct] Re: Jaws 7 and thumb drive

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Well, you know you can run Window-Eyes 5.5 from a thumb drive also.  Take a 
look at the manual for the new release.  And, FYI, my employer has supplied me 
with a Key To Freedom.  Well, I have tried it on three computers and it didn't 
work as advertised on any of the three.  I haven't talked to them about all 
three yet, but on the first one they told me I would not be able to use it on 
that computer until I removed Nero Audio software from my system.  They also 
indicated that there were problems if you have Easy CD from Roxio on your 
system.  Well, I put it on a brand new laptop with neither of those products 
and it still didn't work.  At this point I would say that as far as I am 
concerned the jury is still out, but I am going to take a lot of convincing at 
this point.

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: Hey Shane,
: I don't have all the facts but the folks at AIDB Gentry said they have
: ordered the Dolphin Pen because it is portable.  They did not address
: the video DCM issue.
: Have you tried the FreedomBox?  it is pretty neat.   You can try it for
: 30 daysat FreedomBox.info and it truely is independent.
: Curt
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: Hey there, Curt.  Well, and this is just me, I wouldn't believe a word
: of it.  Windows XP would most certainly require that video support to be
: installed.  I'll just keep on using Window-Eyes and let the Dolphin
: folks keep on touting their product.  They could be right in the end,
: after all, who knows.  Personally, though, I seriously doubt it.  Hope
: you're well up there!!!

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