[bct] Re: Jaws 7 and thumb drive

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  • Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 21:29:27 -0600

Hey Shane,
I don't have all the facts but the folks at AIDB Gentry said they have
ordered the Dolphin Pen because it is portable.  They did not address
the video DCM issue.
Have you tried the FreedomBox?  it is pretty neat.   You can try it for
30 daysat FreedomBox.info and it truely is independent.
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Hey there, Curt.  Well, and this is just me, I wouldn't believe a word
of it.  Windows XP would most certainly require that video support to be
installed.  I'll just keep on using Window-Eyes and let the Dolphin
folks keep on touting their product.  They could be right in the end,
after all, who knows.  Personally, though, I seriously doubt it.  Hope
you're well up there!!!

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