[bct] Re: Jaws 7 and thumb drive

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  • Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 22:30:16 -0500

you can use it as a full version if you have a USB dongle authorization, but
from what I have hard from a friend recently, they are not distributing
these, I'm not sure whether this is correct.

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Howdy, Curt.  Yep, Window-Eyes has the same feature at the Dolphin product.
I've got it loaded onto a 256-MB thumb drive, and we're good to go.  The
only thing with all three of them is you really have to have the video
support for Windows XP, and that's a bummer, but oh, well.  I've got the
video support file loaded on the drive as well, and I just bring up
narrator, install the video support for Window-Eyes, and I'm off to the
races.  If you need to uninstall the video support, there's an option under
control panel.  You can't load authorization for JAWS on a thumb drive, thus
the limitation, I do believe.  Hope this is helpful!

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