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You purchase the software, but the Freedombox service is a subscription 
internet service with value added.  You need to purchase the software or 
download the software from freedombox.info.  If you use the downloaded software 
from freedombox.info you are only charged for the on-line service, but then you 
can only use the on-line service from whatever computer you register on.  To 
use from any computer you will need either the Passkey or Key To Freedom.  
Passkey is a small cd that looks somewhat like a credit card and can be used 
from any computer with an internet connection.  The Key To Freedom is a USB 
thumbdrive with the Freedombox on it.  To use the full features of Key To 
Freedom you will pay $595 for the Key To Freedom plus $129 per year for 
unlimited internet.  There are additional charges if you want to use their 
dial-up service.

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I am a bit confused about this.  Is this a program you can download onto thumb 
drive or CD and run on any PC without needing to install it on a PC or is it an 
online service that you pay a subscription for.  The website seems to just talk 
about the subscription service.

I am interested in the idea of being able to make any PC I come across speak to 

>>> catucker24@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 12/14/05 03:41am >>>
I haven't tried the Key to Freedom but I did burn the system access demo
onto a CD and ran it on a PC which has Nero on it and I had no problems.
But FB did tell me that it is not a full screen reader, the person I
talked with was pushing the FB from the Website which I think is good
for  an inexperienced computer user or someone new to the Web.

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Well, you know you can run Window-Eyes 5.5 from a thumb drive also.
Take a look at the manual for the new release.  And, FYI, my employer
has supplied me with a Key To Freedom.  Well, I have tried it on three
computers and it didn't work as advertised on any of the three.  I
haven't talked to them about all three yet, but on the first one they
told me I would not be able to use it on that computer until I removed
Nero Audio software from my system.  They also indicated that there were
problems if you have Easy CD from Roxio on your system.  Well, I put it
on a brand new laptop with neither of those products and it still didn't
work.  At this point I would say that as far as I am concerned the jury
is still out, but I am going to take a lot of convincing at this point.

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: Hey Shane,
: I don't have all the facts but the folks at AIDB Gentry said they have
: ordered the Dolphin Pen because it is portable.  They did not address
: the video DCM issue.
: Have you tried the FreedomBox?  it is pretty neat.   You can try it
: 30 daysat FreedomBox.info and it truely is independent.
: Curt
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: Hey there, Curt.  Well, and this is just me, I wouldn't believe a word
: of it.  Windows XP would most certainly require that video support to
: installed.  I'll just keep on using Window-Eyes and let the Dolphin
: folks keep on touting their product.  They could be right in the end,
: after all, who knows.  Personally, though, I seriously doubt it.  Hope
: you're well up there!!!

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