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I agree with all of you. I can't relate to having been able to see because I've always been totally blind, but my roommate is 45 and is losing vision. He will often tell me how wonderful it was being able to play hockey, for instance. Then when he had his brain tumor removed, his doctor said it would probably be a good idea to stay off the rink. My roommate also grew up a Mac user, and he now has a Dell like me running Windows and JFW.
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Well said. I am 42 and had vision all my life till 2004 and I can say I
miss dearly all the things that I could see that now I can't. Technology is
great but I hope it won't leave the disabled behind.


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Angie, I agree with much of what you say. Technology has been a two edged
sword for the blind. On the one hand, we have unprecedented access to
computers due to speech technology. On the other hand, we have stoves,
washers, microwaves and cable boxes that are either totally or mostly
inaccessible. You are right that, to an extent, past technology was more
accessible. An old fashioned stove with all non-electronic controls could
be made to work for the blind with a few tactile dots in place, same for a
washer and dryer. However, having been sighted in the past, I can tell you
truly that we do miss a great deal and it is more, for me anyway, than

We live in a sighted world. That was brought home to me clearly after I
lost my vision 16 years ago. It was never perfect, I was a high
partial. But, I did learn to use my vision for a lot of
things. Understanding the shape and size of objects you cannot touch, like
a skyscraper or mountain and seeing the stars are things that are difficult
to wrap the mind around if you have never seen. Understanding these things
is not critical to a good life, but having once seen, it would be a lie to
say that I did not miss them a great deal, especially the stars.


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