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Beth one of the things I have always been curious about is how eyes can show 
so many emotions.

I have RP but my case seemed to be worse at an earlier age than many people 
with RP.  I could read large print in elementary school.  I went to public 
schools and they didn't teach me Braille until eighth grade.  My vision loss 
has been so slow over the years that I could never pinpoint a time when I 
noticed I had less vision, until the past two years.  I had a cataract 
removed and a laser capsulotomy performed last spring but it did not help my 
vision.  The ophthalmologist used the word amazing in describing my retinas. 
Not a good time to hear that word!

I know a lady who may get a chance to have some sort of retinal implant.  It 
will be interesting to see what her experience is like.  My understanding is 
that it won't miraculously make a blind person see but may in some way be 
able to help a person with mobility.  I don't really know what the 
expectations are with these kinds of experimental implants at this point. 
However, the brain has to learn to see.  It is not as simple as lifting a 
shade and looking out a window.  The brain has to interpret what the eyes 

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Hey, interesting thoughts, you guys.  Yes, I think we will be able to drive
at some point but I don't think it will be soon at all.  The whole
transportation infrastructure will have to be revamped first.  In fact, I
think we'll have artificial vision for all much sooner than cars we can
drive--and I wager that the vision thing is the way to go because of the
major revamping that the transportation system would have to have for us to
drive, not to mention acceptance of automatic cars in society.  While
reading Angie's message, I was reminded of another thing:  Do any of you
guys ever wish you could see your families and friends, sunsets,
mountains--et cetera?  Eyes are there for use and vision adds such color and
depth--no pun intended--to life.  I know this from my parents' enjoyment of
Nature, seeing people, art, et cetera.  Beth

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