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Yes it would be great if these screenreaders were free wouldn't it? I just realized another thing earlier today when going over JFW with my roommate. Since I only have light perception, I don't use the actual screen on a computer and therefore I don't know how the various JAWS icons and other things are positioned, i.e., top left and bottom right of the screen. My roommate, on the other hand, has some useful vision and he is being trained in JAWS by someone with partial vision. I was trained by a totally blind person.
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I have Used JFW 3.5 and Window Eyes and both are very high quality. I do not know how good later versions of Jaws is because as I said the latest version I tried was 3.5 but I would love to know the changes since that time. Window eyes is very good and stable and If the used their DOM system more it would be even better. For instance they should use it for applications like Microsoft Access and Powerpoint that is one good thing about jaws. I think alot about how good a screen reader is about how it works for the individual. The only gripe I have with both screen readers is the extorsionat price that they require for a perchis. The main other Reason I chose Window eyes over Jaws is that silly authorisation key system they have which thankfully Window eyes does not have.
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Hi I use both.
I like Window-eyes 5.5  it seems to be laid out a little more logical
then jaws, this is just personal opinion, I also like the way it works
on the net.

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Hi, all. Is there someone here who uses both W.E. and JFW, latest versions?
If so, is one your favorite and why specifically? How do they differ in
telling you what's occurring re downloads? How about using Studio Recorder
with each? Any opinions on these and other parameters would be appreciated.

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