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Good point. I myself used Vocal-Eyes several years ago and really liked it. Anyone remember Vocal-Eyes? It was a DOS screen reader manufactured by GW Micro. Then when my parents got me my first desktop PC as a high-school graduation gift, I was introduced to JAWS for DOS and all the wonderful training cassette tapes done by Ted Henter, Eric Damery, and Earl Harrison. A few years later I was introduced to JFW, and I had installed a demo of Window-Eyes on that computer just to see what that screen reader was like. Now I am only running a registered copy of JFW. I think it all depends on the person. I myself, having used several different screen readers at one time or another, some of them only briefly, can't make a comparison.
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Hi Neal,

I can't claim to be an angel who has never copied any software, but I do
think we all need to step back from these screen reader issues a bit and
perform a reality check.

I am a dedicated Window-Eyes user and promoter, but I also use, train, and
support Jaws.  I have found that folks usually prefer the screen reader they
first learned and that very few people learn more than one well enough to
make an objective comparison.

It is a fact that screen reader software is expensive relative to most other
software written for the main stream market.  It is also a fact that given
the limited market, without prices set at a level that keeps the companies
going, we wouldn't have anything near the access that we currently enjoy.

It is also very valuable to have several screen reader developers to push
the envelope through competition.

I certainly don't agree with all the business approaches adopted by adaptive
technology companies, but I know many of the folks involved in bringing us
accessible hardware and software and by far, the majority of them aren't
doing it because there's a good chance of getting rich, but because they
care about creating better access.


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You said, "I can hardly blame those who resort to such means in a pinch."

Well, I guess we now know why JAWS has an authorization scheme.  If there
are people like you who would condone pirating software just because you
couldn't afford it, I think you have answered your own question about why
JAWS has an Authorization plan.

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All well and good, but what of those who don't have $900 lying about? At least now, those who buy Openbook get Connect Out Loud for free, and that at

least gives them bare-bones access to their computers ... but there would be

a lot less piracy if prices were more affordable.  I'm usuallyu one who
agrees with your stance on piracy, but in the case of adaptive tech, I can
hardly blame those who resort to such means in a pinch.

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Hi, Mary.  As someone who has been in the adaptive technology field
since 1990, I must tell you this.  You would be surprised if you knew
how many pirated copies of Window-Eyes and other adaptive programs
that I and others have seen.  It is an outrage, and people ought to be

prosecuted for it. These people who develop the programs we use are
trying very hard to make a
living, and they are totally thwarted by modern-day pirates.  It's
not a good thing, but unfortunately, it will never stop. You all have
wonderful afternoon, morning, or evening; whichever it is where you
All the very best from my family to yours!

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