[bct] Re: JFW and W.E.

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Hi Shane. I think I know where you're coming from. Recently I was at my parents' house and I booted up my sister's computer, which has an earlier version of JAWS for Windows on it, and a message popped up which I had never even heard before in all my years of using computers. It said something about a guest being logged into JFW or something like that. When I tried to configure a few settings it wouldn't let me. If I went to the Verbosity settings with Insert V, I could do it but as you know those settings are only temporary. The only thing I could think of was that for some reason my sister who is away at college is still logged into that computer. But that sister doesn't use any adaptive technology. I think my brother said the same thing. He is a JAWS user as well.

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Hi, Mary. As someone who has been in the adaptive technology field since
1990, I must tell you this. You would be surprised if you knew how many
pirated copies of Window-Eyes and other adaptive programs that I and others
have seen. It is an outrage, and people ought to be prosecuted for it.
These people who develop the programs we use are trying very hard to make a
living, and they are totally thwarted by modern-day pirates. It's really
not a good thing, but unfortunately, it will never stop. You all have a
wonderful afternoon, morning, or evening; whichever it is where you live.
All the very best from my family to yours!

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