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Hi Bill,
Probably more than on JAWS itself!
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Hi Frank,

You would have to use up all three of the activations that you get with a
copy of Jaws.  However, They've always been willing to replace your
activations for just about any good reason.  I've always wondered how much
time and money has been spent just creating and supporting the JFW copy
protection scheme.


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I have three PC's here at home.
Not vary good ones, mind you though.
Hmmm, what would I do in that case?
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The real rule as far as FS is concerned is that you can only use a single user licensed copy of Jaws on one computer at a time. It can be installed on more than one computer, but you can only use it on one computer at a time. Thus, you can have Jaws on a computer at work and a computer at home while using the same license for both copies. The reasoning being that you can't very well be at home and at work at the same time.

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: Frank, : : I'm not Neal, but you can use as many computers as you want with Jaws 7, : except, and this is a big except, each computer has to have its own license : which is downloaded during the authorization process. I have one copy of : Jaws 7 here and have put it on both my computers. : : Mary : :

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