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Hi List,
I know that Larry uses both programs, but that he told the guys on GW-micro
that he is leaning toward WE for his preferred screen reader.

I use both WE and JFW.  I think that a lot of the differences ammount to
this, do you want to be able to do things for yourself, or do you want
things to be done for you.  Many programs can be run right out of the box
using Window-Eyes, while with JFW, you pretty much have to wait for someone
to write a script for the program.

I can't talk about the recording programs as I don't use any of them, but I
bet Larry can.  Hope this helps you to make up your mind.

Bruce Alan Mattison
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Hey Beth. I don't know about WE with respect to downloads, but JFW 7.0 
performs quite well. There is a setting that controls how often JAWS gives 
the percentage complete during download, and I think it is quite handy. I 
have used WE briefly and I really like it. But for now I am only running JFW

on my system. Others on the list can probably give you a better answer. Jake
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> Hi, all.  Is there someone here who uses both W.E. and JFW, latest
> versions?
> If so, is one your favorite and why specifically?  How do they differ in
> telling you what's occurring re downloads?  How about using Studio 
> Recorder
> with each?  Any opinions on these and other parameters would be 
> appreciated.
> Beth

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