[bct] Re: JFW and W.E.

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  • Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 21:49:33 -0600

The real rule as far as FS is concerned is that you can only use a single user 
licensed copy of Jaws on one computer at a time.  It can be installed on more 
than one computer, but you can only use it on one computer at a time.  Thus, 
you can have Jaws on a computer at work and a computer at home while using the 
same license for both copies.  The reasoning being that you can't very well be 
at home and at work at the same time.

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: Frank,
: I'm not Neal, but you can use as many computers as you want with Jaws 7, 
: except, and this is a big except, each computer has to have its own license 
: which is downloaded during the authorization process. I have one copy of 
: Jaws 7 here and have put it on both my computers.
: Mary 

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