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  • Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 18:31:00 -0800

An addendum to my post on piracy:

I have to give cudos to Window-Eyes. They have a leasing program to address the very concern I posted.
Far as I know, no such program exists to purchase Jaws.
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Believe it or not, I have bin told that it's going to be easier to pirate JFW with this new on line thing.
I have also known of people that were able to copy or crack the authorizations.
Don't worry, it's not me.
My copy is legal, and I'm to dumb to crack any keys.
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Hi, Mary. As someone who has been in the adaptive technology field since
1990, I must tell you this. You would be surprised if you knew how many
pirated copies of Window-Eyes and other adaptive programs that I and others
have seen. It is an outrage, and people ought to be prosecuted for it.
These people who develop the programs we use are trying very hard to make a
living, and they are totally thwarted by modern-day pirates. It's really
not a good thing, but unfortunately, it will never stop. You all have a
wonderful afternoon, morning, or evening; whichever it is where you live.
All the very best from my family to yours!

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