[bct] Re: JFW and W.E.

  • From: "Frank Lizarde" <flizarde@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 14:28:04 -0800

Hi Mary,
My JFW 5.1 authorization disk had five keys on it, and I was or still am able to use and remove them at will, but it's not the same now.
I'm sure that they are spending lots of money on the authorization scheme, and who is paying for it?
That's right, us.
I have noticed that many people are now turning to WE, and I'm starting to understand why.
The price for JFW is ridiculous, and tech support is bad.
That's only my thought.
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I guess the alternative to authorizing Jaws online is to find somebody with an online connection and doing it that way. Or maybe freedom Scientific would do it for you and send you the file with the license in it. They had a few ways listed in their help but I think they should get rid of the whole ridiculous authorization nonsense. Why are they so afraid? Their competition doesn't deal with this at all and haven't had trouble as far as I know.


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