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Judy and All,

Interesting here.  My card is an audigy 2 and at least thus far I haven't
experienced the level of performance problems you are describing.  I will
continue to see if I can find anything that resolves the problem I did
describe and can try and look for larger problems.


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Well, all of this is interesting.  I have definitely had times when JAWS has
gotten very sluggish.  In fact, if the computer is using a lot of processing
power, sometimes, I can't get JAWS to speak at all.  I'm going to use my
other two Non Creative synthesizers more to see if I can replicate the
problem on them.


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Judy and all--

I have a older PC with a creative sound card, and I have noticed this as
well, meaning sluggishness of JAWS and Window-Eyes

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Hi Kelly and Neal,

There is definitely a SoundBlaster audigy problem. I have been reluctant to
post about this on generalized lists, but I have talked to other people in
the adaptive tech field and there is something going on.

I will post about what I have seen and heard from colleagues. I will stress
that these problems have been seen with both jaws7 and window-eyes. I don't
want to start a screen reader debate on this list.

I have experienced a 25 to 45 second speech drop out when exiting programs
(outlook and others) the speech just stops. If you wait, it will usually
come back. You can't issue a screenreader command. Other things seen. mp3
files sounding mushy or like static before dropping out. When the mp3 stops,
you can't issue a screen reader command. These problems are happening on
voice chat sites. Again, drop out.

I have tried upgrading drivers and performing a system restore.

This is happening on my machines, at two computer labs in my state, to three
friends in Britain, Jim Snowbarger has mention speech catatonia on another
list, and I've discussed this with Nick Dotson of Kurzweil who has noticed
the problem. Adaptive tech specialists have called both Freedom and GwMicro.
Freedom support says they haven't heard of the problem and a friend of mine
told me that she got the same response from GWMicro.  I want to stress that
a problem is happening with both major screen readers.

Some explanations have been a conflict with the video card, bad SoundBlaster
drivers, and improper acceleration settings in video and audio properties.
I have beta tested for freedom in the past, but I am no longer on that list.
I suggest that we try to talk to developers at both companies.  I mean
developers and not tech support. In Texas, some of us have attempted to
search the creative labs knowledge base.

Unfortunately, adaptive support people are pointing fingers at Creative and
of course, creative is saying it is a screen reader problem. Ideas from
people with experience in the field would be appreciated.


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Perhaps this is known and just the way things are but I was wondering if
anyone knew of a way to resolve a problem I'm having with JAWS and a Sound
Blaster Audigy card.  When the computer plays a sound the next speech spoken
by JAWS with Eloquence has a more muddy sound.  The sound clears up after
the first batch of speech spoken.  I put an example of doing a say line in
Wordpad, followed by the same speech after pressing down arrow to reach the
end of the document at
http://www.kellyford.org/audio/jaws.mp3 where things repeat once time.

This doesn't happen if I use Window-Eyes on the same machine.



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