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Kelly I think that it may just be a conflict with the screen reader and the sound card. I am not sure why they would react like this but Windows sometimes shares resaurces and you get things like this. Does it happen if you use any other sappi enjen sutch as the Microsoft sappi voices?
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Perhaps this is known and just the way things are but I was wondering if
anyone knew of a way to resolve a problem I'm having with JAWS and a Sound
Blaster Audigy card. When the computer plays a sound the next speech spoken
by JAWS with Eloquence has a more muddy sound. The sound clears up after
the first batch of speech spoken. I put an example of doing a say line in
Wordpad, followed by the same speech after pressing down arrow to reach the
end of the document at http://www.kellyford.org/audio/jaws.mp3 where things
repeat once time.

This doesn't happen if I use Window-Eyes on the same machine.



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