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  • From: "Allison Mervis" <allisonfm@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 17:46:37 -0400

I only have jaws 7. Is that going to be an issue? Will it still work? Thanks!

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Subject: [bct] JAWS Without Authorization

Hi all,

I have obtained a copy of the executable of the latest beta of JAWS 7.1 from a Freedom Scientific employee that does not require authorization to operate, and that unlocks the remote desktop feature. I don't want to get into trouble, so I have posted it on yousendit.com for 7 days only, so if you want it please get it as soon as possible.

The link is


The file name is jfw.exe. When you run the jfw.exe file, if it is not in the same location as the other jaws files (usually c:\program files\freedom scientific\jaws\7.10), it'll search for your jaws 7.1 installation and make sure you have the correct version. It'll then install the new file, and then it'll unload and reload jaws automatically. You may want to save the file, as you can install jaws on any computer from now on and simply overwrite the old jaws file with the new one to get around the activation issue. If you want to place the jaws file in your jaws program folder first, you'll have to unload jaws and use narrator to do that as you can't overwrite the original jaws file while it is being used.



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