[bct] Re: I've given up on GMail

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  • Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 17:13:32 +0100

I am using my GMail as a repository for lists that I am subscribed to. I can still take advantage of the Google search features. I am not using it to forward to another POP account, however, though I easily could.


At 05:33 PM 2/18/2006, you wrote:

One thing though is I think you can configure Gmail to forward all your
messages to a pop3 client like Outlook Express, Eudorra, Outlook, etc.

I have never switched to Gmail either.  The only advantages I see might be:
*Ability to receive large attachments;
*The Gmail name; and
*Ability to store and later search for messages, but I don't know how this
would work if you forward mail to pop3 and use a client.  Also this is
negated by the primary web site being largely inaccessible.

I notice though a lot of podcasters use Gmail.

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I fully agree, gmail has never properly worked for me and after several
tries, I abandoned it.


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