[bct] Re: Is the talent show just for members of BCT?

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Pam, you bring up a good point about new members on the list not knowing
people and not being able to guess who they were.  What I had Intended
to do, after we have had a chance to guess, is to email a list of the
names of people who played each song.  That way, you can get to know
them even if after the fact.  This is only way I know of to have our
cake and eat it too.

Other suggestions are welcome.


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I guess I would say that it probably ought to be talent just from people
who are blind. I listened to the podcast today about it and was a little
disappointed that there wouldn't be any intros. Since there are so many
of us on the list who are new, we wouldn't be able to guess who was
doing what, and introductions would have helped us get to know everyone
a little better. Just some thoughts.



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