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Hi Jim,

I don't know if you have received help with your Iriver 799 but if not,
I'm sure that Shane Jackson  will be glad to help you.  He has a podcast
on the Iriver 799-899 on his site at:
And Larry has one on BCT.

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I'm wondering if someone can send me instructions about
0 description. So far I have it with the joystick at the bottom and
buttons on the right are play/stop, a/b and record On the left is a
slide to lock or unlock the buttons.

1. menus
2. setting up recording and recording
3. best recording settings to use
4. how to get in to the fm tooner

I listen to the podcast about the menus, but am not sure if mine will
match. I am using the 1.25 firmware.

I will be trying to do this with very little sited help.

Thanks for any help or pointers on where to read.

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