[bct] Re: Ipoder, a'h'h'h'h'h'h'gain!

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  • Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 21:32:37 -0600

Mary, lol lol!  I understand about programs disappearing into thin space.  
Having queued many records up at our high school and college radio station, I 
understood the term in concept form.  What I didn't understand and still don't 
is why the ipodder finishes downloading and many programs are still queued.  I 
have gone through and deleted all the duplicate programs redownloaded during my 
many attempts to get the new ones.  I think I have things cleaned up now but 
who on Earth knows.  Oh yeah, after the ipodder finishes downloading there are 
also still programs remaining in the queue to be downloaded.  When I look in 
the subscriptions programs list they have to down load rather than skip tags on 
them, all except for Stephen's.  For some reason I cannot understand when I tag 
his shows to be downloaded they always get changed back to skips after the 
catch up or get it now commands.  I wonder if Jeff might tell us whether or not 
anything has been done in the new, fresh Juice to deal with this problem?

Dana Paul Niswonger
Honestly imperfect.
Living Life to It's Fullness
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  It's spelled q u e u e d and a queue is a waiting line. It's used in Britain 
more than here, but here it's used as a programming term. It means the podcast 
is waiting in line to download. There are others ahead of it. When its turn 
comes, it will be delivered. So when you see that word, just wait a bit longer 
for it to show up.

  Mary, who programmed and queued up a lot of things in my time, and most 
showed up eventually but some are still floating around in cyber space, never 
to be seen again.

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