[bct] Ipoder Help

  • From: "Dana Niswonger" <dniswonger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 15:26:17 -0600

Hi Friends:
I have set aside 65 messages in my in box to pass along some help I just got 
from Everett.  Think of the Ipoder as a tuner with the ability to set preset 
stations.  Here is the step by step process for programming the presets.

1. From the desk top, bring up the Ipoder
You should hear an announcement confirming you have done so successfully.

2. Minimize the Ipoder by pressing the Windows key plus the letter M.

3. Bring up your browser

4. Go to the website which contains the titles of the shows you want to capture 
every time they are broadcast.

5. Locate the link for listening/downloading the show you want
You can do this easily if you know a key word in the title.  Use control F. and 
type in the key word then press enter.  You will usually find that the link you 
are interested in contains the letters RSS. or the word feed.

7. While you are on this page, press control F4.
You will hear an announcement of the feed link address.

8. Press control C.  This copies the link address to the clip board.
At this point you have a choice.  You may close your browser by pressing ALT. 
F4 or just minimize it by pressing Windows plus M.

9. From the desk top, tab to the task bar.  Using the left and right arrow keys 
locate the Ipoder button and press enter.  You are now back in the Ipoder 

10. Press control N.  This brings you to your subscriptions option.

11. Press control V.  This copies the link address from the clip board into 
your subscriptions list.

12.  Press the shift plus tab until you hear the word save.

13.  Press the space bar and your finished.

You can check to hear if you have been successful at your effort to preset a 
feed for later by pressing ALT. V. within the Ipoder.  This brings you to a 
menu where you can use the up and down arrow keys to find the subscriptions 
list and using the arrow keys again, determine if the feed or show is their.  
You can use the tab key when you are on the show to determine if it has been 
selected for automatic download.  The show will either say to download or to 
subscribe.  If the latter, press the space bar to change it to download.

Everett, great job man!  Everett's rule and mine too is, if you get good help, 
pass it on and help someone else.  I hope I have done so for someone.

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