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Hi Chris:
I did and have it now, thanks. Please help me understand the relationship between all these i pod programs. If I understand them correctly, Feed Demon, provides the path for a pod cast to be downloaded. Ipoder or Itunes are the programs that keep these wonderful broadcasts organized for you. Then, we have the players that allow them to be played when ever you want. Is this correct? Ituns is now not happy that I have downloaded the Ipoder. It seems that Itunes wants to be the program of choice used by me to organize and file the pod casts. I tried to download Jaws scripts for Itunes but they don't seem to work. Yikes, help!!

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hi, go to www.jeffbishop.net

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O K guys:
Time to give up the secret! Where do I find this ipoder program? I went to the ipoder.org site and find everything else ipod but a program for downloading these great pod casts to my computer. Please help me, as I am still in the dark on this one, lol!

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