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  • Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 15:53:20 -0600

MessageHi Bill:

I did that and you seem to have been right on target.  The only one I did not 
do was the show clock.  I left it unchecked because I don't want it on my 
screen.  Thanks man!

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  Well, now I'm replying to my own message.  It is true in my experience that 
the problem with getting the wrong context menu from sys tray happens with Jaws 
and not with Window-Eyes.  I'll will list all the taskbar and start menu 
settings that seem to make for better screen reader behavior.  

  Auto hide the taskbar--unchecked
  Keep the taskbar on top of other windows--checked
  Group similar buttons--unchecked
  Show quick launch--unchecked
  Show the clock--checked
  Hide inactive icons--unchecked

  Those all come under the taskbar tab.  There are some other recommended 
settings under the start menu tab that effect how your start menu is configured.

  Bill Belew

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    Hi Dana,

    I have seen that behavior happen because of some settings in start menu and 
taskbar options.  Press alt plus enter on the start button and uncheck "group 
similar icons" and "hide inactive icons".  

    Bill Belew

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      Hi Friends:

      Here's a strange thing.  Sometimes, when I press enter on the ipodder 
icon in the system tray, I get the windows rearrange icons menu instead of the 
check now option from the ipodder.  Has anyone else had this happen?

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