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Jeff, my understanding of that time limit in IPodder was not to retrieve 
shows older than 14 days or whatever you change it to.  I have been wrong 
before.  Once, I bought a pencil with an eraser...

Eric SS

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Hi all,

    When you add a new feed to Ipodder, it allows you to tell it how long to
keep the episodes.  The default is 14 days.  I've never checked up on it to
see if it actually deletes things after this time limit.  Of course, that
would cause some things you want to keep to be deleted.  I have kept the BCT
episode on Iriver menus and a few others as reference material.  If one goes
into "My Documents" and highlights the folder "My Recieved Podcasts",
assuming you used the default setting in Ipodder, You can use the "send"
option of the "file" menu to send the directory to the desktop as a
shortcut.  Once it is on the desktop, you can use "alt+enter" while it is
highlighted and access the properties to assign it a shortcut key.  The same
thing goes for any file or folder in Windows XP.  Somewhere I remember
reading a set of instructions on how to set up shortcut keys to control
Winamp from within any other program's window.  I'll try to find them again.
This would make it easier to listen to shows while working in other programs
and still being able to pause and so on.

    I had Jaws at 37% and it seemed fine but I read those messages and am
trying 50% and so far, I can sure buzz through the emails.  I'd probably
still slow it down for technical reading though.  After a certain speed, I
can't seem to keep up in those types of documents.

    From my perspective, beauty or looks, if you will, is mostly about the
voice and personality displayed by that voice.  I'm often surprized to hear
what someone actually looks like because I imagine a person's looks from the
first time I hear them.  I had Larry at about 5 foot 10 inches, short brown
hair and clean shaven face with a slim build.  I'm usually wrong and Larry's
description of his height tells me I had that one way off.  So far, as a
voice for announcing, I like Neil's voice, he reminds me of this guy on NPR
who also has a deep smooth voice, though I can't recall his name.  The guy
on the "roar" show also has a great voice and an interesting accent.  Larry,
also has a smooth voice for recording just as it sounds naturally.  They
need to come out with more accented voices for JAWS.  I used the British guy
for variety but sometimes I would not understand him at higher rates.  The
Microsoft voices just sound like something from the Jetson's, no thanks!
Some of the ATT Natural voices can sound pretty good.  Sometimes, the
companies who create these types of synthesized voices try to hard to have
them sound like regular speech and I prefer to know that my machine is a
machine and not to hear that guy from the NOAA Weather Radio channel who
sounds very nervous and makes me cringe.  I think that voice is called
"Doug".  I think that the term someone was referring to earlier is called
"sucking it down", or "puking".  When someone does the thing that Ted Knight
used to do when he played "Ted Baxter" on "Mary Tyler Moore".  Lots of
commercial radio guys and even ladies do it.  It seems to go back to the 50s
when they were spinning lots of hot licks for guys and chicks, and had names
like Wolfman Jack and so on.  Locally, we have a female D. J. who calls
herself "Sue Falls".  Has anyone ever heard "delila"?  She is a perfect
example of the fake sounding voice.  She tries to make her show sound like
it could be coming from your home town but it is broadcast from Texas via
satellite and goes out to over 100 stations.  "Casey Casem", pardon the
probable misspelling, is another one who always sounded that way to me.
"keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars".  Yuk.
There are just some people whose natural cadence and pitch are easy to
listen to.  Some of our local news anchors are the worst offenders too.  We
should try to list all the crazy names broadcasters use when on the air,
like "Mike Stand", or "Sunny Day".

    I know I'm going long here but did anyone else but me not know that you
can get radio stations in while in flight?  I took the Iriver with me in
case I wanted to record on my trip last week, but instead used it to dial in
FM stations while at 35,000 feet.  When we were up there, the stations were
coming in from 3 or 4 states away.  By the way, we flew over Larry's house.
Did you here our noisy MD-88 larry?

        One more quick idea, When I put a show on my portable mp3 player, I
use cut and paste instead of copy and paste, that way, the show is deleted
from my computer as I listen to it.

    Ok, I'll stop now.

Jeff Armstrong,

P. S.

Just Kiddig! smile:)

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