[bct] Re: Introduction to Sound forge podcast uploaded

  • From: "Lynnette" <superlynne@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 21:42:53 -0500

MessageThank you, Neal.  
It will be good to hear an up-to-date tutorial.
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  Subject: [bct] Introduction to Sound forge podcast uploaded

  Hello all, I just uploaded an introduction to Sound forge to the FTP site.  
It covers some quite introductory features of both the application and the 
scripts written by Jim Snowbarger for JAWS.  There will likely be more podcasts 
on the subject to come later.  I will check to see if Brian Hartgen has 
developed scripts for Window-Eyes.  I seem to remember that he had.  At any 
rate, Window-Eyes users can still learn some of the basic features of the 
application.  Sorry I couldn't do both screen readers.


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