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Hi Amy, and welcome to this grate list.
We're a little on shaky ground right now, but I'm sure that this will be over 
soon, and the list will be at it's best again.

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  Hi Amy,

  Welcome to the list.



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    I missed this message some how.  lol

    Let's see--about me...

    I am a musician (I play keyboards) and I have a piece of paper that says 
that I can sing.  hehheh  I got my Bachelor's degree in vocal performance.  I 
live in North Carolina, and I am not really all that in to technology.  I use 
it for what I need it for, though I have gotten into listening to podcasts 
recently.  The unfortunate thing about that, is that I'm working right now on 
my master's in human resource management, which is lately taking up more of my 
time than I'd like, so needless to say I'm really really behind in listening to 
what I've downloaded!  

    I still love to sing though I will never ever make that my career because I 
hate the politics of entertainment, but I of course enjoy listening to music.  
I also like to cook, to read, watch movies--just the usual standard things.  lol

    Amy Billman
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      Hi Amy,  nice to have you with us.  Welcome to the list.

      Tell us a little about yourself; if you will.  As for me, I live in south 
Louisiana.  I love computer technology; when it works, home theater,and, also 
one more thing which you will see in my signature.  We have quite a time on 
this list.  It would be accurate to say that, in many respects, we are really 
one huge happy family.  Again, welcome.

      Sincerely yours,
      The Constantly Barefoot,
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      God bless our troops!
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      Subject: [bct] Introduction

      Hello all.

      I am relatively new to the list--I just subscribed a couple of days ago.  
I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

      Amy Billman
      "Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might 
as well dance"

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